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About Us

When two people come together, they come with their own unique identity, but above all else, there has to be a common denominator that becomes the connecting force.  Yes, we are both high energy, have a common faith commitment as Christians, love to spend time doing things together, have common passions, love nature, and just enjoy being with people of common interests.

We have never had a goal to become wealthy, for we find greater ‘value’ in spending time with people and doing the things which we are passionate about.  Neither of us grew up on a farm, so beginning our life together in 2000, just a few months after marriage, right here has made this special place the only home we have ever known together!  Home, Home on the range … where deer, coyotes, rabbits, foxes, chickens, cats, so many species of wild birds … roam!

Inter-twining gifts of life from artistic skills to administrative and teaching experience, from retail management to public speaking and preaching … somehow mixing these and many other gifts and skills into one ‘pot’ has produced a unique blend that has brought us to this point in life’s journey.

We have allowed our past to inform our vision and future by applying them to what we now do: propagate lavender and other pollinator friendly plants, along with maintaining our small apiary of honey bees.  Our many involvements in organizations relating to all of this provides for the opportunity to connect with folks globally to both learn and give back that we may contribute in some small way to advance the positive possibilities of all of this to our world and our lives.

Together … in the greenhouse, in the field, traveling, and in the kitchen making products or preserving food from our crops … we work closely together to enjoy life and provide beauty all around us.